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seeing in the darkness
tv series

As Jake Talbot lands in Brazil, spirits start contacting him for help: they want him to find the truth behind their deaths. Fiercely rational, Jake believes those events are side effects of the panic disorder that’s been disrupting his life for the past five years. But as he solves the crimes, he starts questioning: is he hallucinating or is he really a psychic? Seeing in the Darkness, a supernatural crime series, is a human drama that explores the collision between rationality and spirituality, sanity and madness, reason and faith.

Created by Alexandre Hanszmann - Developed & Written by Monica Solon

tv series

YOUNGSTERS is a drama series peppered with hints of humor. It’s about the daily routine of a middle-class mixed-race family in Florida. It’s about the adventures and dilemmas of their young adults and teenage kids.

Family, friends, school life, sexual experiences, violence, internal conflicts, community relationships, and, especially, ‘how do you deal with so much pressure?’ Pressure makes them anxious and vulnerable and brave; it makes them try to embrace but also rebel against the world and its rules; it makes them face hundreds of apparently impossible choices...

But this is what the pains of growing up are about.
Isn’t it?

Created by Alexandre Hanszmann - Developed & Written by Monica Solon


who were first
a rio affair
feature film

Set in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, The Rio Affair is a comedy about love, about risk taking, and about romance in later life. It's a comedy about friendship and romance.  It's about finding first love, and finding lost love and how every love story is a consequence of strange coincidences that bring two people together who might otherwise never have met. The thing about  Rio is that it makes you fall in love. That's why Philip Lapetter wants to go back and find Maria, the girl that he met there 50 years ago. A bowls tour to Brazil provides him with the perfect excuse to return, and having finally persuaded his womanising friend Rex to go with him, the two men embark on an adventure to find Philip's first love.
They join a tour group led by Peter, a much younger man who is also looking for love. He just doesn't realise it. It takes the old men to convince the young one that love is worth the risk.

amor, i love you
tv series

The story of a mixed group of friends in cosmopolitan São Paulo, their complex private and professional lives and their gay love.

Amor, I Love You is a series that follows the infinite horizons of romantic relationships. Same sex relationships that provide an st ever-changing landscape for lives as they are shaped by new circumstances, people and affinities. Even in the 21 century and in a liberal metropolis there are adversities and prejudices, even discrimination.

Set in one of the largest and most diverse cities on earth, Amor, I Love You follows the intimate relationships of characters anyone can relate to. We tastefully explore the rich drama and even the comedy of their sexual preferences that are in fact social equalizers. As is all love.

4 danes

These are the largely unknown biographical stories of Four Danes who, in Brazil, far from home, created a fascinating and positive impact on a developing nation of continental proportions.

A four episode one hour factual series.

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alexandre hanszmann

executive producer/director 


dorien sutherland

executive producer


marcello mello



cristian & fabiano

associate directors
special effects/virtual reality


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